Swordfish Lover Pack

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Please note: All product comes raw. Images shown are BST products cooked. Reach out for recipe ideas.


There's no doubt about it what-so-ever, we have the best swordfish in the world. All BST products will provide you the freshest, highest quality seafood in the world. Our buyers all ensure that day-in and day-out. That being said, you haven't tried swordfish until you tried BST Swordfish. The Swordfish Lover Pack provides you premium sword out of the water in frozen form. Stock up once a month; they are packed and ready for the proper freezer with unique frozen packing materials. 


  • Swordfish Lover Pack

    Posted by Elizabeth on Feb 25th 2021

    My husband wanted swordfish for his birthday dinner, and since we live in Illinois I had to get creative to find fresh swordfish. Boston Sword and Tuna make it so simple for someone from the midwest to get high quality delicious fresh seafood! Shipping was quick, and the swordfish filets were perfect! It was my first time cooking swordfish, but I'm excited to keep trying to improve because we have 6 more filets! Overall, great price, quality, and customer service!