Frozen Scallops - 1 lb. U/15 (large)

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Boston Sword & Tuna is a premier distributor of hard bottom, North Atlantic sea scallops. Our cold-water scallops are prized for their firm texture and sweet taste. BST is one of the largest purchasers of fresh scallops on the New Bedford, Massachusetts, fish auction – which is the epicenter for sea scallop trade in the United States. 

Don’t Hate Us Because We’re Beautiful

The fresh sea scallop comes close to perfection in its appearance – round, firm, and defined; neither too thick nor too thin. Some liken it to the fillet mignon because of its purity and tenderness. A scallop lover might tell you it’s the queen of all shellfish. Because they are purchased, prepared, presented, and enjoyed as a kind of heavenly, white disc, people might be unfamiliar with just how beautiful sea scallops are even before they leave their shell.

In fact, the part we meet in the kitchen and at the table, the part we get when we order and buy frozen scallops online, comes from a shell that is just as photogenic, if not even more so. You see, the part that’s served with pride and eaten with pleasure around the world is the large muscle that closes the scallop’s classic, symmetrical shell. Botticelli chose this shell when he sought to paint perfection in the 15th Century classic known as Venus Rising from the Sea. Mid-Century Mad Men chose it again for the logo of Shell Oil.

If looks alone were what mattered, there’d still be good reason to order and buy frozen scallops online. Of course, the reasons go much further than that. People often describe the flavor of sea scallops as sweet. There’s a complexity in the sea scallops’ taste, though, that defies such an easy description.

The essence of the sea itself is in this flavor, coming to fullness as it does in the cold, clear water of the North Atlantic. The fresh sea scallops we choose at Boston Sword & Tuna, so that you can order and buy frozen scallops online, usually come from a hundred miles off the shores of Boston, New Bedford, and Nantucket, from a legendary land beneath the waves called St. George’s Bank. George’s Bank, as it’s called now for short, begins about 62 miles offshore, as part of the continental shelf, and it runs on for nearly 150 miles. From the surface, the Bank looks like just more ocean. But below, it’s hundreds of feet shallower than the Atlantic waters just to its north.

Georges Bank makes a fine home for scallops, and that’s usually where we meet up. The deeper waters flow clockwise around it, cooling and carrying the scallops’ favorite food, plankton, with them. The result of the pleasant living those sea scallops enjoy is an uncommonly healthy shell, which protects the scallop to develop fully, resulting in a delightful, balanced flavor.

These North Atlantic sea scallops are widely considered the best of the best. Another benefit of where we find them is that they are shelled, washed, and landed here in a matter of just a few hours. So when you order and buy frozen scallops online from Boston Sword & Tuna, the scallops you receive have not been away from home very long at all.

Between the Sea and the Bay

Because we are fortunate to live in the neighborhood of the finest sea scallops of all, their availability to us is steady, and we are fully stocked year-round for you to order and buy frozen scallops online. As a result, most of our emphasis at Boston Sword & Tuna is on these fresh North Atlantic sea scallops.

On the other hand, if bay scallops are your preference, then Boston Sword and Tuna is in the best possible location for you to order and buy frozen scallops online. Bay scallops are seasonal, and the availability of really high-quality bay scallops runs only from the time when the season opens for them on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket (November 1) until the bays begin to freeze in the deep winter. For the aficionado, the wait is often worth it. Though they are smaller, in some cases bay scallops can be even sweeter than sea scallops.

Why to Order and Buy Frozen Scallops Online

It’s hard to overstate the breakthrough that comes from your being able to order and buy frozen scallops online from Boston Sword & Tuna. Fine restaurants across the country have long had their sources, but enjoying this delight at home has been something known mainly to coastal cities. Thanks to our proximity to the great North Atlantic scallop’s home, our five generations of know-how and relationships with our sources, our state-of-the-art facility near the Boston Fish Pier, and our reliable, temperature-controlled packaging, you can see the beauty of the authentic sea scallop in your kitchen just a day or two from when we met it lying on St. George’s Bank. The freshness could not be better if you lived within sound of the ocean.

The enjoyment is no longer just a luxury, and so it might be time to think a bit about how well these fresh sea scallops might take part in a healthy lifestyle. Offering you good nutrition and real wellness benefits, scallops are an uncommonly efficient source of protein, and are also are rich in selenium, a substance that helps the body’s process of renewing itself. Along with the zinc that comes with your scallop, selenium supports the immune system, too. Vitamin B12 and potassium are also among the bonuses you get when you enjoy fresh scallops.

We’re out to become the people you rely on for shellfish and online fish delivery. Let’s get acquainted. We hope you’ll make us your choice to order and buy frozen scallops online.


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