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Among the Most Popular Guests

For a firm, flaky, mild-tasting fish that is welcome anywhere, anytime, it is hard to beat haddock. And when you buy fresh haddock fillets online from Boston Sword & Tuna, you can be sure that haddock’s widespread acceptance and popularity do not mean we take haddock for granted. Haddock, and their cousin, cod fish, are a mainstay of seafood around the world. At least one scholar credits Western Europe’s survival of the Dark Ages with the plentiful supply of Cod in the North Atlantic, and when cod got over-fished in the 1970s, haddock stepped in to relieve them as the supply restored itself.

Having made such a contribution to human history, the care we show haddock at Boston Sword & Tuna is assured. You can buy fresh haddock fillets online here with every confidence that it receives the same degree of care – from its sea-bottom home to your table – as even the most sophisticated specialty fish.

Haddock are among the handful of species we call “groundfish,” because they like to spend their ocean time near the bottom. Yes, haddock like it cold. They thrive in cooler waters, and that’s one reason our North Atlantic varieties are so much preferred for their texture and flavor.

Given the abundance of their general populations, managing the catch of groundfish - haddock, cod and flounder – takes a degree of judgement that might be surprising. A far greater proportion of our groundfish catch today is haddock, and this has enabled us to do our part in restoring the cod population and bringing it back from a period of industrial over-fishing just a few decades ago. Something reassuring to keep in mind when you buy fresh haddock fillets online from Boston Sword & Tuna.

Not only the quality, but also the supply of haddock is relatively steady, and that makes it a great value to buy fresh haddock fillets online from us. It also works well with our culture at Boston Sword & Tuna of supporting seafood sustainability. So, when you buy fresh haddock fillets online from Boston Sword & Tuna, you can be assured of being a good citizen of the sea, as well as a happy customer.

The most recent reports show availability of cod and haddock holding steady, with haddock seen as a particularly good value. The New England Fishery Management Council recommended early in 2018 that fisheries maintain “status quo” management procedures in the Gulf of Maine, and that minimum fish size for recreational fishing parties be raised from 22 inches to 24 inches for catches from George’s Bank, opening further the opportunities for professional fisheries in those productive and popular waters.

At Boston Sword & Tuna, our sustainability rating for cod and haddock remains “Good Alternatives” for ordering gourmet fresh seafood home delivery online. So, if you’ve been considering it, now’s a good time to buy fresh haddock fillets online. You’re making a responsible, sustainable choice when you buy fresh haddock fillets online from Boston Sword & Tuna.

Many Names, Yet No Confusion

Haddock and cod are often called collectively “whitefish” and used in recipes pretty much interchangeably. They can be so casual that one or the other is what you’ll usually get when you order fish and chips. And yet, they are so fine-flavored and satisfying in texture that one of the two is often part of fine dining experience. Maybe the best way to celebrate these qualities is to buy fresh haddock fillets online, one of the purest, most focused way to enjoy haddock.

Our North Atlantic cod and haddock are also known around here as “groundfish.” The difference, we say, is that people who eat them named them for what they look like, whitefish, while the people who catch them named them for where they live. New Englanders call cod, haddock, and a few other species groundfish because they are demersal; that’s how biologists describe the way the fish like to spend their time in the waters near the bottom.

The firm, flaky texture of haddock, and their pleasant, mild taste call to mind a term we don’t hear nearly often enough anymore: affable, meaning pleasant, warmly polite, cordial, and easy to talk with. What an “affable” person might lack in star power, they more than make up in approachability and the comfort factor. Serving haddock is a lot like that, too.

Now is the Time to Buy Fresh Haddock Fillets Online

The colder waters of the North Atlantic give haddock a good home, including Iceland and the Scandinavian countries. As the best fresh seafood market online, our favorite fishing grounds for cod and haddock are the Gulf of Maine, and George’s Bank, where the great fish mature at about 20 inches in length, or larger, and offer up broad, firm fillets.

Delicious, flakey, lean white haddock are plentiful off our New England shores from April through November. The heaviest landings begin in April-May-June, so we are well into a very smart time to buy fresh haddock fillets online from Boston Sword & Tuna. We’re always standing by to send fresh fish overnight to your door, but we wanted to share this particular tip with you now.

Although haddock grow fast, and they can sometimes reach a weight above 20 pounds and a length as great as three feet, the kind we usually meet at sea are usually two to five pounds. The smallest of these, 1½ to two pounds, are often called “scrod,” and this is the fish behind the legend. The term is so linked with Boston that taxi drivers at Logan Airport are accustomed to being asked where’s best to eat Boston scrod, right after landing here. So, now that they’re being caught in their most abundant season we highlight them here.

It’s a good-looking fish, haddock, one of the species that forms what most people think of when they say, “fish.” They have three dorsal fins along the back, and a symmetrical, triangular tail fin. They are silvery-gray and with purple highlights, and a black lateral line down their length about the midpoint. Though they spend their first three months of life near the surface, they descend to the waters below 130 feet and spend most of their adult lives in the cold waters near the bottom, as deep as 1,000 feet.

A couple of reasons why haddock have begun to overtake cod among the available whitefish, or “groundfish” supply are these: Female haddock lay hundreds of thousands of eggs apiece when they’re young, and the number actually increases into the millions as they grow older. Their growth rates have become even more rapid in recent years. And Boston Sword & Tuna joins with its preferred boats and fisheries to maintain sustainable practices in landing this delicious fish.

For gourmet fresh seafood home delivery online, we’re using our five generations of experience at Boston Sword & Tuna to live up to your highest expectations and desires. We are here to become the fresh seafood company you turn to every time.


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